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Elijah - Five Ways - Birmingham

My time under Ian's supervision was sufficiently rewarding. I hold his qualities as a driving instructor to the highest merit: patient, experienced, kind, emphatic and efficient. He was good at adapting lessons to incorporate the independent driving, which was newly introduced during my time as a learner. I felt nervous about the independent driving since when I started out driving this was not a requirement. Had Ian's calm and cool attitude not put my fears at ease, panic and worry would have overwhelmed me. He helped me to overcome difficult obstacles and face challenging tasks with confidence and control.

I have friends fortunate to be acquainted with Ian, all have agreed that he is a great person with a good character. Although good character is not essential to teach someone to drive, it surfaced as a comfort whenever I made mistakes or stalled while driving.

Passing my driving test was unforeseen because I booked it the day before taking it, as crazy as it felt, Ian believed in me and was more than prepared to work with my spur of the moment decision. This was a good moment, as it allowed me to experience the extent to which Ian supported my choice and gave me freedom to try for the test. Ian said he knew I was ready and would not advise to take the test if he though otherwise, I knew as long as I applied what I learnt during lessons I would pass. Ian made sure a thorough grounding in the basics prepared me for the test.

Ian is versatile, able to work to the needs of each individual learner, and makes learning a fulfilling experience. He never supported my doubts but encouraged a positive outlook. Now I think of him as being in the passenger seat with the goal to give over control to his students, but until they are ready, he is an adequate safeguard. Therefore, whatever you lack as a learner whether, experience, the right attitude, whether your skill needs careful and considerate work or fine touches, I'm convinced Ian is naturally gifted to provide what you need to pass.

Daniel - Sutton Coldfield

Pass-It On Driving School was recommended to me by a family member and upon taking my first lesson I found the instructor, Ian, to be very calm, patient and professional. After every lesson I got a full review of how I'd done, not just helping me to later pass under test conditions, but helping me become a more competent and confident driver. I'd highly recommend Ian to anyone at any stage of their driving education, as his expert tuition is flexible for all levels of skill, and he puts you under no pressure to get it perfect every time, only that you learn at a pace which is comfortable for you. 10/10

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